The Cycle of Life Living Remembrance Memorial

biourn A True Living Memorial That’s Filled With Lasting Memories …

” Living Memorial of Life “
is an environmentally “
eco friendly
burial mixture with naturally occurring
organic and inorganic materials.



This planting medium when combined with cremated remains converts the inactive minerals of the ashes, phosphorous and calcium, into active plant nutrients thus being absorbed into the planted selection and becoming one with your selected memorial planting to become

The ” Living Memorial Of Life “



Cremated remains that are buried without this medium that converts the inactive minerals do not naturally break down and become part of the living ecosystem. Combining cremated remains with this eco friendly medium ensures that the chosen memorial planting selection can naturally utilize the beneficial elements, such as the phosphorous and calcium, in the cremated remains.  The release of these elements into the soil ensures that the cremains and the surrounding plant life become intertwined for many years.


The First step of The ” Cycle of Life Living Memorial ” is choosing the location for your living memorial.  Whether it’s an existing flower garden or planting a new tree, shrub or bush, this will be the place where your loved companions ashes will become one with the earth and the plant you have chosen to memorialize your pet with for many generations. As with any growing process, environmental factors, such as season, temperature, moisture and sunlight affect the process.  However, the natural biological process begins soon after planting your chosen plant selection.
Plant selection can be made from a variety of plants, shrubs, bushes, fragrant perennials or even a tree of your choice.

Even if you have existing cremated remains of a loved companion from a time ago and would like to develop a living memorial in memory of your pet, this is absolutely an option for you.  You can simply blend this together with the cremated remains and start the
” Cycle of Life”
Living Memorial  “
at anytime.

For additional detailed information please do not hesitate to call us about this precious and wonderful way to express your love for you pet.

This truly is a

“Living Memorial”

to your pet.

Continue ” The Cycle of Life. “


  For information about frequently asked questions concerning the
” Cycle of Life Living Memorial “
please contact us at
(904) 724 – 5556

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