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Thank you for visiting Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home Pet Cremation Center and Pet Cemetery’s  Web Site.  Some people may not understand the reason you are here or the sense of loss you may be feeling right not but be assured we truly understand. We know you have questions and everyone’s questions are different.

Let us assure you that the biggest question we receive it this.

Where is my pet being transported to and where is my pet being cremated at ?

Our answer. Your pet is cremated LOCALLY here in Jacksonville by the only full service pet funeral home and pet cremation center in NE Florida.  Furthermore your pet is being cremated by a certified crematory operator and every cremation is overseen by the only certified pet cremation arranger in Jacksonville.

ALWAYS make sure that you are selecting and making arrangements with a licensed pet cremation facility and ask to see their license to cremate a pet  and inspect their place of business before you choose to make absolute sure that the business you choose to handle something as important as the care of your companion is a certified and licensed pet death care provider.

Should you want to meet with us and tour of facility please call us immediately to schedule a tour of our pet funeral home and discuss the options available to you and your family companion 7 days a week.  (904) 724 – 5556 or (904) 731 – 3868.

And the second question we are asked is this.

Is my pet cremated individually ?

Our answer. Yes !

We perform individual cremations and the ashes you receive are truly those of your love companion.  This is certified and verified by our ” Steel Disc Identity ” individually identified by this system proving every cremation to be an individual cremation along with our electronis pet tracking system called ” PET TRAX “.  Please see detailed information about ” Pet Trax ” our home page.

And the third question we are asked is this.

Can I be there and attend the cremation ?

Our answer. Yes. We will schedule a specific time for you to be here and allow you 20 to 30 minutes with your pet in our chapel to say your final farewell to your loved pet. There is an additional fee for this service but your needs are addressed immediately allowing your involvement through the cremation process.

Many of the questions you may have about Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center and our services can be answered by filling out the Frequently Asked Questions form below and we will respond to your question during normal business hours.

Although, If you need Immediate assistance or if you have questions that cannot wait please do not hesitate to call Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center at (904) 731-3868 24 hours a day and a family service staff member will assist you with your needs.

Frequently Asked Question’s about the ” Bio Urn Living Memorial “.

What type of plant, shrub, bush or tree is the right choice to start my lasting living memorial ?

This can be used with a variety of plantings.  If you need assistance with your selection out local nursery can help you choose the planting best suited for your area.

How long does the growth process take ?
The naturally occurring process begins soon after planting.  As with any growing process, environmental factors such as season, temperature, moisture and sunlight affect the process. However, the natural biological process begins soon after planting.

Do all the cremated remains have to be used ?
No.  Each ” Cycle of Life Living Memorial ” container is formulated for a maximum amount of cremated remains to ensure optimal plant utilization.

Can the ” Bio-Urn ” growth mixture be scattered in our planting garden or somewhere else in out yard or special place?
Yes.  Planting is the recommended method however, if scattering of the mixture around a certain plant is desired, then protecting the mixture by adding a layer of organic material such as mulch, top-soil or straw is recommended,  This will help protect the medium form erosion by wind, precipitation, uncontrollable environmental factors and watering.

What if the cremation was not done recently ?
It does not matter how long ago it has been since the cremation has occurred.  Cremated remains are a stable substance and can be combined with the ” The Cycle of Life Living Memorial ” medium at any time.

The biggest and most concerning question we receive it this.

What if the plant we choose  dies ?
It is acceptable to replace the plant.  The nutrients of the planting medium will remain in the soil and continue to provide the desired nourishment for the next plant.  Also you may consider composting the previous plant to continue the ” Cycle of Life “.

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