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Pet Memory Lane

To help you with the pain and loss of a dear and devoted companion Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory has designed a memorial obituary page to celebrate the life and memory of your pet.

As pet parents our pets are a vital and important part of our families. They bring us happiness and joy and eventually leave us with the sadness and heart ache of loss. We believe that these special and unique family members should be honored through remembrances. This is why we have created and designed this obituary page to honor those pets who have touched our lives for so many years in such special ways.

Whether you buried your pet, made different arrangements for your pet or even if your pet’s arrangement we’re handled through a different crematory we at Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory would be honored to help you celebrate the life memories of your loved companion on our “Pet Memory Lane”.

If you would like to choose an obituary for your cherrished companion then we would like to provide to you the options of including the birth date of your pet, the date when your pet was lost, a photograph of your pet on the obituary page and the option of writing a 7 to10 sentence obituary notice in honor of your pet which will stay on our web site for one year.  There is a fee of $ 35.00 for this option..

For those who would simply like to have a notice of loss then we offer this to you, our community members, our neighbors
and our friends as a service provided by
Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory at no charge. We want to
provide a pet owner who has suffered such a difficult loss
the ability to celebrate the life memories of a loved companion.

This is just our way of sharing the loss of such a loved and wonderful friend.

If you would like more information on how to memorialize the memory of you pet and if you would like to memorialize your pet on our “ Pet Memory Lane “ page please click the box below or the box to the right and a family service staff member will contact you to help you design the celebration and life of your pet. If you would like to contact us directly please call Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory at (904) 731 – 3868 and one of our compassionate staff members would be honored to help you.

Pet Loss Notices


This Page Is Dedicated To The Loss of

Hughey, Griffin Samuel Hughey,

aka – “Bonehead”

Entered my life on May 12, 1996

and broke my heart on November 11, 2001.

What a wonderful friend he was.

Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory

in charge of arrangements.

( 904 ) 731 – 3868



In loving memory of all your pets
that have left you with so many memories.


All the pets listed here were handled with the same care and love provided by their “Pet Parents” by our caring family service staff members during the time they were in our care. Each and every pet that was intrusted into the care of Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory were cremated here in Jacksonville at our private pet funeral home and pet crematory and not hunreds of miles away in a different county or for that matter,

Thank you for trusting Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory with the care of your love and very much missed family companion.

1st Annual Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home Butterfly Release

National Pet Loss Day

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