Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home, Pet Cremation Center and Pet Cemetery

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that today, we at Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home, have to announce the loss of a great friend, a mediocre comedian and just an all around good man. Jack aka “Jack of all trades, a master of none ” our maintenace man. Those of you that we have personally and directly helped through the funeral home may remember Jack wandering around aimlessly on site. Now I, Jimmy Hughey the owner, must say that I am personally heartbroken and all those that knew Jack are as well. GOD’S speed Jack and thank you for being my trusted friend, my good buddy and MOSTLY for moving stuff around at your will so I couldn’t find anything when I needed it ~~
We will be closing
Monday December 24, 2018 at 1:oo pm
and all day Tuesday December 25, 2018
but will be ” On Call ” and available to meet
and recieve your pet in to our care at the funeral home
should you need our services during the holiday.
We will resume normal hours
Wednesday December 26, 2018 at 7:30 am.

We will be holding the same hours on

New Years Eve day and New Years Day
Celebrating Lifelong Companionship’s

“Because They Loved Us …”

Unconditional Love Deserves

Uncompromised Service

Jacksonville’s ONLY Full Service
Pet Funeral Home,
Pet Funeral / Cremation Arrangement Center,
Pet Crematorium,
Pet Cemetery and Pet Memorial Park

Established July of 1994 and servicing
the pet death care needs of Jacksonville
for over 20 years.

We Are More Than Just A
” Basic Cremation Service For Pets”
We Are A Full Service Facility
For All Of Your Pet Death Care Needs.

With Over 85 Years of Combined Exclusive Experience
In Compassionate and Caring Death Care,
Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center is
Specialized in Dignified Individual Pet Cremation and is
Licensed and Permitted By State Of Florida’s
Department Of Environmental Protection Agency
License Number  AG 031-0439-005 AG.

All cremations are preformed on site at our state of the
art pet cremation Funeral Home and Pet Cremation facility
here in Jacksonville by the ONLY  person certified
by the International Cemetery, Crematory and Funeral Association
as a “Cremation Arranger” for pets in Northeast Florida
and preformed by a
certified Pet Crematory Operator.

Always make sure that you are selecting and making
arrangements with a pet cremation facility
with proven experience and extensive knowledge
in the pet death care industry.

Ask to see their facility,
their license to cremate a pet and ask to
see the crematory operator’s certificate to operate a crematory

and ask to see the directors license as a
” Certified Pet Cremation Arranger “.

Do some research and look into the cremation facility before you choose because
his is an UNREGULATED INDUSTRY and therefor

with no recourse of the cremation of a pet.

You should be informed and know exactly
who is handling something as important
as the care of your cherished family companion
because not every facility maintains current
certifications in this business nor certifications
to operate crematories.

Don’t settle for a business who has NO experience
with the funeral industry.
Make sure the business you choose has
been consistent in the pet death care business for years,
who has a proven record of
quality and reliable dedicated service to our community
so you will have the peace of mind
knowing that your pet is being taken care of by
experienced certified professionals and not by those
with no educated experience
in the pet death care profession.
Anyone can start a basic pet cremation business,
without the knowledge of death care service.

Your needs are our main commitment
and service is our commitment to you based on
Quality, Ethics, Dignity and Compassion.

” Isn’t It Nice To Know We’re Local and We’re Just Around The Corner … “

Our Family Serving Your Family
7 Days A Week.

Our Goal
To Pay Tribute, Share Memories And To Celebrate
The Life Long Companionship You Shared So Lovingly
With Your Family Companion. 


We Understand Your Heartache


The loss of a pet can be devastating.  As pet parents ourselves we understand
the bond that develops between pets and their parents. 
Our commitment is to help you with the pain of loss while providing
you with choices for memorializing and celebrating the life memories
you hold so dear of your pet.

Our caring and understanding family service care specialists
are here to help you select the best option and providing you with
a very special farewell to your pet. Whether you need our services immediately
or are preparing for the future our dedicated and compassionate
family service care specialists are here to meet your individual needs
and all the need of our pet parents and their loved family companions.

Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center
is conveniently located in Jacksonville for your peace of mind
|of knowing where your pet is, of knowing where your pet is being cremated
and knowing who is taking care of these very important details and arrangements.

At Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center
you can be assured that your pet will be handled with the utmost
dignity and compassion that the families we have and continue to serve
have come to know about us.  Your loved and most cherished pet will receive
the same loving care by our staff just as they received while they were in your care.

This is my personal promise to you,
Jimmy Hughey, Owner

How Do You Really Know If Your 

Pet Is Cremated Individually ? 


Here’s how you know with us and our

Electronic Pet Tracking System

Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center
would like to introduce you to

“Pet Trax”

a state of the art electronic individual pet cremation tracking system.

We developed and use the ONLY individual pet electronic cremation tracking
system in N.E Florida and S.E. Georgia
to prove beyond a doubt that your pet
is cremated individually.

“Pet Trax” is a electronic individual pet cremation tracking system
developed by James Hughey, our pet death care director

that provides you with a detailed tracking report called the
Individual Cremation Data Report or “ICDR”
that specifically tracks your pet’s EVERY movement
and all phase’s of the death care of your pet while in our care.
It tracks specifically from the moment we receive your pet in to our care,
every step of the individual cremation used to cremate your beloved pet,
right down to the exact crematory, one of our three crematories,
which ALL 3 are located here on premises.
“Pet Trax” record’s the date, the time,
the duration of the cremation procedure
and when the cremation procedure is completed.
It is exactly that detailed with each movement
of your pet while in our care.

“Pet Trax” time stamp’s the date and time of exactly every phase
of your pet’s movement while in our care proving
that it truly is your pet being cremated INDIVIDUALLY
and NOT being cremating with multiple pets
where the ashes of your pet are co-mingled and mixed up with other pets.
We developed this program in the January 2014
and tested this system from August 2014 until December 2014
when it was ready
to be introduced to our pet community and implemented ! 
It is a very specific electronic tracking program!

Now it is time for us to make this a part of your
cremation experience so you will have the
peace of mind knowing you are receiving your pet’s ashes !
We are here for you to make sure you get
YOUR beloved pet’s ashes back and not those of another……. PERIOD!
This is our commitment to you !





Memorial Service

Held on September 11, 2016 at 2:00 pm
This Event Showcased The Very FIRST Full Service Pet Funeral Home,
Pet Funeral/Cremation Center, Pet Crematorium,
Pet Cemetery and Pet Memorial Park Combination
in the State of Florida.
Located at 4969 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
(Emerson Expressway & Beach Blvd.)
904-724-5556 or 904-731-3868

The City of Jacksonville, Mayor Curry’s office officially recognized this event and issued a proclamation
recognizing Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and our
“ National Pet Loss Day “ memorial service.
(To read the proclamation click on image)

At this ceremony we dedicated a police K9-
public service working K9 monument,
(Which is now on display for you to see in our memorial park)
and donated a section of our cemetery
to the City of Jacksonville and the State of Florida
for any police K9 officer that may lose it’s life in the scope of their job.

K9 Unit’s That Were In attendance :
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office,
The United States Military,
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
The St. John’s County Sheriff Office,
The Clay County Sheriff’s Office.
The Nease High School JROTC cadets dedicate our flag pole monument with the formal presentation and raising of the American Flag
and presented the colors of The United States of American at this ceremony.
Our Event lasted approximately one hour and entailed:
· Dedication of Our United States of America Flag Pole Monument
· The Playing of The National Anthem
· Prominent Guest Speakers Such as Dr. Richard Sutliff, James Crosby and Doug Koweiski
· Police K9 Monument Dedication
· 21 Gun Salute in Tribute of The Fallen K9 Hero’s accompanied with TAPS
· Amazing Grace Played by Our Staff Bagpipe Soldier and
the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department Scottish Drum and Bagpipe Team
· A Memorial Balloon Release in Memory of All The PetsThat Have Passed Away
· The Dedication of the “Sidewalk of Loving Memories”
· Open House and Tour of Our Brand New Modern Facility
Here’s what one attendee had to say :

Dear Jimmy and Staff:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful remembrance and dedication day that you hosted. 
You exceeded my expectations in providing all of us pet families with a truly heartwarming service.  Thank you so much. 
I know how much work goes into an event such as this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I still miss both of my pets (Rooney and Blue) very much, but your event was
an opportunity for me to give them the respect and show my love.

Thank you so very much.
Nancy Will


****** To View The Video Of Our ******
” National Pet Loss Day “
Memorial Service – Balloon Release
Select The Video Above On
Right Side Of This Page

A Few Pictures Of The Event


Welcoming and Introduction Of The Event Jimmy Hughey


” The Unveil “



K9 monumentPolice K9 Memorial Monument

United States Military K9′s From NAS

21 Memorial Gun Salute

The JFRD Drum and Bagpipe Team

Military K9′s at Attention In Front of The US Flag Pole Monument

Military Honors For Shay Kent
(Shown Below)
were held at the ceremony


Kent, Shea Kent, United States Military Working Dog ( Retired ) passed away
March 18, 2016 and receive honors at 
Jacksonville Pet Cemetery and Pet Memorial Park
on September 11, 2016 at 2 p.m. 
4969 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32207. (904) 724-5556

 We are finished the
new pet cemetery for your needs !
We can finally announce that the cemetery features
are now installed and are permanent memorials.
 100_0101 100_0105


This is the main concrete pad that will hold
the 2 – 96 unit collumbarium’s. We will dress this up a little until the collumbariums
come in and are placed in their permanent places.
The pad is 19 ft X 12 ft plus we had two other pads poured. Both of the
two others are 4 X 4 ft and one will be the American flag pole
monument and the other will be the police K9 monument
that will stand upright 6 foot and provide a permanent memorial
to those K9′s that sacrifice their lives for us.
The ” Sidewalk of Loving Memories ”
is also completed.
There will be over 4,700 18″ x 18″ x 3″ memorial pavers
that are engraved just like a
granite headstone is engraved. Cremated remains can be buried under
each memorial in the ” Sidewalk “.

To find out how to have your pet’s name
Added to the ” Sidewalk ” please call the office.


Please call or stop by see the ” Sidewalk of Loving Memories “and take a tour of the very
FIRST pet funeral home, pet funeral/cremation center,
pet crematorium and pet cemetery memorial park combination
in the state of Florida.
Thank you for your trust,
your patience and your understand while
we developed very special memorial park for you and your pets.

Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center
(Click on the image to see the funeral home)
Jacksonville Pet Cemetery and Pet Friendly Park
( Click on the image to see the cemetery)


For over a year our director, Jimmy Hughey, 
has been involved with the
development and design of the very first combination
Pet Funeral Home, Pet Cremation Center,
Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery in the State of Florida .

This brand new 5,000 square foot “state of the art ”
pet cremation center with 3 stand alone pet crematories
and a 2 acre cemetery for pet memorization will offer many personal
and unique options for you and your loved pet companions.
All your pet memorial option’s provided to you
” Under One Roof At One Place, Because They Loved Us …”
4969 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32207
( the corner of Beach Blvd and Emerson Expressway)
(904) 724 – 5556
Our brand new beautiful funeral home
will offer an arrangement conference center with urn options,
cremation bundle packages,
your pets actual paw impression jewelry,
various cremation keepsake items,
a private funeral chapel for those who may desire a” visitation period ”
for your family and friends to pay their respects to your pet,
a large lobby foyer area to meet with and receive friends
for the visitation period and a refreshment kitchenette for your
coffee, beverage and snack desires.
Our funeral home also offers the ONLY personal and private
140 square foot attended/witnessed cremation room
that is completely sound proof and has a 6′ X 4′ window
through which you can view everything during the
cremation of your pet all while in
complete privacy with your family member’s or friend’s.
Our cemetery
will also offer many options for memorization
for you and your family such as
the ” Sidewalk of Loving Memories ”
where engraved pavers with your pet’s name,
date of birth, date of death and other personal message
with be placed in the sidewalk path. 
You may also elect to have your pet’s urn inter’ed
under the paver for permanent memorization.
The cemetery will also offer private estate sections
specifically designed for your family, flat granite headstone casket sections,
upright granite headstone casket sections,  cremation urn burial spaces
and five 48 unit solid granite columbariums
placed throughout the park for above ground urn memorization.
The cemetery will also host 3 major memorial service events
every year to honor your pet’s love and memory
that will be free of charge and open to the public.
Whether or not Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home has help you
in the past these events will be open to anyone who has lost a pet.
Many have already seen the new facility and has either
stopped by or called to get information or has toured the new facility.
  If you haven’t seen the new funeral home then
we would like to invite you to
stop by or call and schedule an appointment
to tour and view the only facility like this
not only in the State of Florida
but most certainly the ONLY one of it’s kind in Jacksonville.
All your need’s for pet death care
” Under One Roof at One Place, Because They Loved Us … “


A Few Pictures of

Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home’s
“Sidewalk of Loving Memories”
Luminary Program
Held On Saturday, December 3, 2016


20161203_190324_1480822972633 (1)


 The “Tree of Loving Memories”
In Now Up In The Foyer Of The Funeral Home So
That You May Bring A
Memorial Ornament To Hang On The
“Tree of Loving Memories”
In Memory Of Your Pet.



 The ” Tree of Loving Memories ” Will Remain In The Foyer Until January 8, 2017



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Proud Members of:

The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance
The International Cemetery, Crematory
and Funeral Association
Lohman Pet Cemetery and Cremation
The Association For Pet Loss and Bereavement
The International Association of Pet Cemeteries
and Pet Crematories

American Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals

Layne (2)

“Pet Trax”
Individual Pet Cremation Tracking System


Pet Funeral Directors Association

1st Annual Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home Butterfly Release

National Pet Loss Day

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